Kati 'Luvly' Simon

Charlotte, NC
United States

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I am Luvly Moonwall (also known as Kati Simon) and I am a Holistic Practitioner and the Founder & Creator of Prana Love. I have been hooping since 2012 and have had the honor of studying with world-renowned professional hoop dancers, performers and flow artists in the biz such as; Brecken Rivara, Anah 'Hoopalicious' Reichenbach and Vivian Spiral. In 2014, I earned my certification in Teaching Elemental Hoop Dance via OneHoopOneLove, the creation of Wanderlust Hoop & Yoga Instructor Shakti Sunfire.

Aside from hooping, I am a 200HR Certified Yoga Instructor in Ashtanga Vinyasa. My vision is to facilitate space for one to create a deeper understanding of one's own individual body and its movements. Although, since I don't take myself too serious, I still like to house a fun and playful environment for people to enjoy and express themselves. I believe that by inviting more self-awareness into our minds and bodies more space is created for self-love and that reflects in all aspects of our lives and relationships. Accessing a playful and carefree mindset in a hectic and often manic world is possible through stillness in meditation and utilizing movement meditations.

My mission is not only to share Prana (Energetic) Love with the community but also sharing and spreading hoop love as a form of meditative self-expression. Our movements are an extension of our personalities and own individual perspective on the world we live in. I can only hope to bless many more with this wonderful gift of freedom through expression which has been bestowed upon me. I hope to share my own concepts through performances, workshops, private lessons and impromptu hoop jams. My guiding vision is to create a diverse community of ladies and gentlemen who wish to access their inner spin and gravitate toward love.


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