Katie Cremer

Chicago, IL
United States

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Katie naturally found connection through movement. As a little girl she was involved in various forms of dance including ballet and jazz-rhythm. Music inspires her to "tune" inward as she enjoys the simple effortless flow and grace of movement.

Her journey in movement advanced as she entered the working world. Katie became an elementary school teacher but felt there was something missing as a teacher. She felt compelled to expand her mind by learning something new. She was determined to find a career option that would satisfy her passion for movement and love of philosophy.

Katie joined CorePower Yoga. There she discovered synchronization, balance, focus and vinyasa-flow sequence to be simply beautiful. She experiences clarity, freedom, lightness and peace of mind through yoga as she continues to share the heart and soul of yoga both on and off her mat. Her classes will challenge your mind, body and spirit to create greater harmony and balance in your life.


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