Katie Fitzgerald, 1250 E-RYT

Esterillos Este Puntarenas
Costa Rica

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Love is my divine truth and sweetest of devotions. This universal dharma is our most organic vibration and is infinitely available to all sentient beings. Our energy is we be mindful.

I'm a mamma. I love my tribe more then anything that could ever exist. I love Yin and the creative dance of Vinyasa dripping with Pranayama. I cherish the intuitive art of sequencing, mudras, mantra, co creation, deep stillness, meditation and dropping into a bliss of oneness. I'm devoted to daily Sadhana and Gaia praise. I'm in love with the ocean and believe this space to be the womb of all that is. I love surfing, watching waves, lying on the beach and sun kissed, salty skin. I love mountains, lakes, rivers, snowboarding, long boarding, backpacking and hiking for they are my roots. I love sparrows, music, art, self expression, dancing and slow body movement. I love crystals, gemstones, traveling and immersing deeply. I love giving compliments, connection, smiling, singing and long hugs. I love chocolate, honey, strawberries, green leaves, cilantro, mangos, coconut oil, the smell of vanilla and loving effortlessly. endlessly.

I'm surrendered to Spirit, earth ritual, prayer, connection, compassion, truth, tenderness and love, for they are sacred gestures. Through the humble practice of living yoga we may expand our consciousness and return to our original wisdom resting in the heart, for Yoga is life. In this space we honor ourselves as one and are held with love and non judgement. We are witnessed in our most vulnerable state, for we are simply home.


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