Katie Love

Miami, FL
United States

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Katie Turrisi is a 500-hour certified Jivamukti yoga teacher living in Miami, Florida. With a background in art and music, her teachings of Yoga are unique blend of breath work, vinyasa, chanting, spiritual intention, and meditation. In a deep desire to share her love of life, she continues to pass on the teachings that have been passed on to her.

Katie became certified to teach yoga at Chicago School of Yoga while she was attending the University of Illinois at Chicago for Photography in 2011. Her first introduction to yoga was through Master Fang in her 3-day training on Brave Wave Vibration in 2008. She learned techniques of tai chi, meditation, vibrational healing, and therapeutic dancing which had a profound impact on her state of mind. She began taking hot yoga classes at Core Power as a means to stay in shape, and eventually she felt the calling to delve deeper into the practice. She apprenticed and after being inspired by a few amazing teachers she decided to become attend teacher training. The small segment on bhakti yoga and chanting especially appealed to Katie; the emotions of the music invoking the heart and fusing together her love for music and yoga.

Katie's first Jivamukti class was with Robert Pelaski at Samgha Studio in Lincoln Park. It inspired her so much that she decided to do her second training with Jivamukti. She studied with David Life, Sharon Gannon, Jeffrey Cohen, and Yogeswari in Nosara, Costa Rica; an experience that transcended her practice on many levels. She teaches Jivamukti classes and workshops in Miami, and has enhanced her practice through studying with master teachers, learning harmonium and thai bodywork, and attending satsang (spiritual community). She studied with Vedic Thai Bodywork Master, Mukti Michael Buck and continues to share this magical healing art along with aromatherapy. The Thousand Petal Lotus line of natural products is her way of sharing the Bhav, the Divine essence, in a sustainable and non harming way. Visit the shop for oil blends, soaps, candles, incense, and more!


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