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I am a Yoga Therapist, Health Coach, Essential Oils Therapist and Yoga Teacher. After qualifying as a yoga teacher I explored and enjoyed working with the more therapeutic elements of yoga and particularly looking into how the philosophy of yoga and health wisdom of Ayurveda can help people reach and maintain a good level of health. Having used these tools to navigate different challenges and transitions through my life I have experienced the benefits of the steadiness they offer.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Essential Oils Therapy & Restorative Yoga

I cannot recommend Katie’s Essential Oils therapy highly enough. She has helped me regain mental clarity and let-go of the exhaustion that I have been dealing with for several years. She prescribed inhalers with oils I had never heard of; so I was being educated too!


The results were quite surprising as I had no preconceived ideas as to how the oils would work; they provided me with a deeper and refreshing sleep and cleared my mental fog much quicker that I could have imagined for a natural therapy.

From our initial meeting, the mental and physical exhaustion was the main thing I wanted to resolve. We have now moved on to deal with menopause related emotional issues, again with oils I hadn’t heard of. Their use so far has allowed me to significantly reduce the medication I was prescribed; it is now at a level that I can see myself being off them completely very soon.

Katie listened fully to what I had to say; she was thoughtful and considered in her work and I felt that she was fully focussed on my needs and how she could help. With the addition of Restorative Yoga this was a completely holistic experience.

For me, the results to-date have been a revelation; I was a little sceptical as I knew nothing about the use of essential oil in therapy. As a therapist myself I trusted Katie implicitly and would have no hesitation in referring friends and clients too her. I am continuing to work with Katie to help me with the final steps to living a full and rewarding life as I approach a new decade

Katie MaughflingOctober 14, 2021
Thank you for your recommendation

Dear Emma,
Thank you for taking the time to write your review. It has been a pleasure working with you. I'm looking forward to continuing our journey together.

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Wonderful teacher

I have found working with Katie to be hugely beneficial to my well-being.
She is incredibly warm and authentic too, yet she is frank and intuitive too. Her down to earth manner is refreshing and opens up the space for you to be real too. This really helps you to trust.learn and grow in safe hands. Love her!

Katie MaughflingOctober 14, 2021
Thank you Kathy,

Thank you for your review. Your open mindedness, open heartedness and desire to look to your future has been an inspiration.
Katie x

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Fantastic and knowledgeable

I can't recommend Katie highly enough. She is incredibly knowledgable and experienced. We are working one on one and Katie really understand me and what I am comfortable with. She has an array of techniques to help me and ensures I feel very safe and at ease. We have already seen improvements and I can't wait to continue. Thank you!

Katie MaughflingFebruary 23, 2021
Thank you.

It’s a privilege to work with you. Thank you.

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Love my yoga

I feel my body has a good old stretch, I’m energised yet calm... Katie is a tonic and can’t wait to get back to class (online or in class).

Katie MaughflingAugust 31, 2020

Hi Tess. Thanks for the review. Hope to see you in class soon.

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Katie's great!

After a long time without yoga practice, I joined Katie's Monday sessions which concentrate on core strength and flexibility. Katie is a superb teacher - she helped me feel at ease, and her experience plus her friendly approach soon bore fruit - I felt my posture gradually improving, and I am certain this improved my running as well as my general physical state. I would not hesitate to recommend Katie to anyone - whether experienced in yoga or a complete beginner.

Katie MaughflingApril 26, 2017

Thanks for your review Paul. It's been great having you in class. Really pleased that the classes have benefitted your sports. Kind regards, Katie

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A haven of calming relaxation

I have been going to Katie's class now for about a year, the Mondays ladies only class has really helped me, I suffered from anxiety and insomnia and I am a much calmer relaxed person now! And it has inspired me to take up the more physical yoga classes aswell. Katie is so warm and welcoming and never pushes you too hard, but Monday ladies only class has helped me loosen up those stiff joints and release a lot of tension I did not realise I had. Katie is a very experienced teacher with a very kind and welcoming nature( I now sleep much better! And come away from her class feeling refreshed and more flexible.

Katie MaughflingApril 26, 2017

Thanks for your review Ruth. It's been a pleasure to watch your progress and having you in the class. Kind regards, Katie