Katie Tree

Lawrence, KS
United States

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Katie Tree has been training in different styles of yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Bikram, & Pranayama. She received her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification while training in Italy. She has been practicing many diverse types of yoga for 15 years. Katie obtained a BS in “The Study of Life,” Biology & Bio-Chemistry, from Missouri Southern State University. Out of being a gymnastics coach she learned to challenge her students inner child. As a perpetual student of life she brings her constantly evolving understanding of love, light, stillnes/smovement, visualization, mantra, mudra, music, meditation, & bliss to her yoga classes. Katie teaches “Find your Bliss Yoga” for festivals, and at the Vibe Tribe space in KC on Tuesdays. Katie teaches at The Last Carnival Circus School in Lawrence KS as well as teaching private and group classes in KC & Lawrence wherein she encourages students to develop their own, unique personal practice. Katie is the founder of Roots in Bliss Yoga in Lawrence & co-founder at Roots in Bliss Healing Arts Gathering.