Katri Katarzyna Marcinkowska

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As a teen, Katri’s passion was dancing. It helped her to break away from everyday reality of a small city and express herself through it. Dancing gave her a feeling that she does something very important and this strong energy made her try different techniques and join many workshops. She was very lucky and met many inspiring teachers, who showed her new directions. Her passion and curiosity did lead her to study dance in Austria, and after a year she moved to Holland to study dance choreography. It was exciting time for her, but over time she noticed that being busy arranging everything for dance piece (dancers, costumes, performance venue etc.), pulled her away from what she created. She started losing the real connection with her work. It was a turning point in her life, and she got lucky again, as she discovered yoga!

"From the beginning, at my very first yoga classes, I started to regain that missing connection. This power was even stronger than the one I already knew. I could express myself better. I didn't need anyone to watch and admire me and my work anymore. I didn't need a big dancing space to practice. I learnt new things about myself through yoga practice, and I liked to learn even more. I practiced more and more and over time I realized that practicing yoga is something I want to do from now on. I decided that I want to share my yoga experience with others. I realized that the best way to do it is to become a yoga teacher, so I decided to attend Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at Yoga Moves. I finished my training and got my diploma in October 2010 (300+ RYS). I continue my yoga education. I started Advanced Teacher Training (500 + RYS) in 2013 and I am on the right path, I'm sure of it!

The most important thing for me is to keep growing as a yoga practitioner and a teacher; to support and inspire others".


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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