Katricia Kelly

Las Vegas, NV
United States

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Katricia started practicing yoga many years ago just randomly at the gym, mostly just to loosen up after her workouts. She was into kickboxing and bootcamp classes back then. Anything that would melt the fat off instantly, at least thats what she thought would happen!! It wasn't until Ishe was diagnosed with asthma that she started looking more into a stronger yoga practice. It was almost like her body was calling for it. Bikram was her thing for awhile and then she decided that she needed a more well-rounded practice with a variety of poses that would best suit her body.

The love was born and the passion she experienced from it just grew into something so amazing that she had to share this love with the world. Katricia enrolled in a 200 hour yoga teacher training program in Las Vegas. She trained under Heba Saab, a very gifted yoga teacher. The training was intense, but she walked out feeling so accomplished. The training was very well rounded allowing for a variety of yoga styles so that they could come up with their own style. A yoga teacher was born and soon after she completed her training she opened Yoga Kandy in August 2015.

Her asthma is pretty much under control now thanks to yoga and a healthy lifestyle. That extra 50 pounds she was carrying around slowly made it's way off of her body and they are gone for good. She is a size 12 and portrays a positive body image sharing that confidence with her students and letting them know that you don't have to be a size 6 to practice yoga!

Katricia now gets to witness life changing transformations in her clients. Just seeing their faces when they get into a pose that they never thought they'd be able to get into is just magical. Come and experience the deeply healing benefits of yoga. She teaches group classes 4 days a week plus special workshops and private yoga classes.


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