Katy Carpio

Pueblo, CO
United States

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As a child growing up in Colorado, I enjoyed outdoor activities with my family including biking, hiking, fishing and everything in between. When it came to indoor activities, I preferred gymnastics, dance and cheerleading. Once my cheerleading career ended my junior year of college, I had a hard time finding an exercise routine that I actually enjoyed. I tried doing some stuff at home and even tried the weight lifting thing for a while. And then I found yoga. My first class was taken at a gym and I really enjoyed the workout I got, but I could tell that something was still missing…
Thanks to my mom, I found Studio Share in April of 2014 and began attending vinyasa flow classes with Christina that totally killed me! And I loved it! I began incorporating yoga into my routine, my everyday life and I felt better and better each day. As my love for yoga blossomed, so did my curiosity and I found myself enrolling into the yoga teacher training program at cambio. Yoga in Colorado Springs, CO. Through my teachings, I hope to inspire other yogis of all skill levels and spread the light.

When I’m not on my mat or in the studio, I’m usually juggling jobs and spending time with my amazing boyfriend, Nathan. Summer brings us tons of adventures. We love exploring museums, hiking the incline, vibin’ at concerts, and finding new places to eat around Colorado.


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