Katy Harvey

Titusville, FL
United States

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At the age of 7, Katy was chanting OM in candlelit yurts in the mountains of California. Throughout the years, people have brought yoga into her life and allowed her to experience various types of meditations, postures and breath work. She is thankful for every moment!
In 2009, she was practicing sun salutations on the beach in Costa Rica while living in a sustainable tree house community. It seemed that everywhere she went yoga was bringing people together in a positive way. Yoga had a way of making the worst days seem good and helped tremendously when Katy suffered a spinal injury during a work accident. In 2014, Katy decided that yoga was the cure for her ailments and began to further her practice. She became certified to teach in 2016 and teaches Gentle Hatha and Yin yoga classes. Katy will forever be a student of yoga and looks forward to sharing her experiences, time, and energy with you.


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