Katy Terrin

Manawatu-Wanganui E7
New Zealand

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Yoga teacher based in Glen Oroua, Manawatu.

I have a small, cosy home studio.

I teach a very down to earth, intuitive style of yoga. Suitable for all levels and body types.

When I first started practising Yoga, 15 years ago, it was at home with a Rodney Yee video tape. I lived in Portland, Oregon at the time, there was a hot Yoga studio just down the road from my apartment. I was much too intimidated to go there. I was worried that I wouldn't fit in with the stereotypical Yoga image. I probably would have worn the wrong pants, or something. In retrospect, it was Portland, Oregon, one of the most alternative places I know, so I shouldn't have been too worried about fitting in. However, I was only 20 and didn't have much self-confidence. It was 5 years before I worked up the courage to take my first real Yoga class. I hope others don't wait that long because I missed out on a lot not going to classes. I didn't have the guidance of a teacher or a supportive Yoga community.

I want everyone to know: you don't need to be white, female, cis-gendered, heterosexual, able-bodied, thin, bendy, fit or upper-middle class to do Yoga. That typical media stereo-type is bullshit. Those who fit the stereo-type are welcome, of course, but let's make room for everyone else. I want people to know that everyone is welcome at my Yoga classes. If you've never done Yoga before, that's fine, the classes are slow paced. If you have a disability, injury or health concern, talk to me about it and we'll find a way to adapt Yoga to your body. If you're curvy, great! Age is also no barrier to Yoga, there's like a 97 year old Yoga teacher out there somewhere. Classes are small, friendly and non-intimidating. I welcome diversity. It would be nice to have more men, trans, queer, whatever gendered people. Be nice to have more Maori, more cultural diversity. If cost is a barrier, talk to me about it, I'm open to trades. Gift economy type classes may also be an option at some point. I was told by a Yoga teacher recently that I must wear tight leggings to her class, I never went back. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Let's all do more Yoga and feel amazing.


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