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United Arab Emirates
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Kaya – काय

The “body” in the sense of many qualities gathered together, joined and united as one

Kaya Yoga is an organization dedicated to deliver quality Yoga Certification in line with Yoga Alliance Standards. Our teacher trainings run every year and certify people to become 200-, 300 or 500 hour registered Yoga Teachers with the International Yoga Alliance.
Additionally, our school specializes in Yoga Therapeutics for scoliosis, stress, anxiety, depression and many other modern day imbalances and health issues. Our Yoga practice rebalances the spine and physical & emotional body. Our techniques has been proven to be effective through numerous case studies. We have produced over 100 certified instructors, who all teach according to the Kaya Yoga method.

Our Teacher Training programs are delivered by highly experienced teachers who all specialize in a specific aspect of Yoga. Our school is the winner of the UAE business awards for Best Yoga Teacher Training School and featured in numerous magazines both in the UAE and internationally. We currently run trainings in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bali and Thailand.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Feedback from a client and a student.

I've been Kaya's client first, I would say patient, because I have severe health issue, and now I became her student. Speaking as a patient: Kaya's yoga therapy allowed me to get rid of my constant pain, she gave me tools, so now I know exactly what to do when I do not feel well and I know how exactly to fix any of my conditions very quickly. I got incredible results in a very short time. First thing she did was to create trust and confidence between us.


Her guidance was always very clear and precise. Her main principle always was do no harm!
Speaking as her student: Kaya's main principles are: health safety is a priority, create eco-friendly relationship with clients and students, create very friendly, supportive and confident environment in class, learn to listen to your body, understand the link between body, mind and spirit, be mindful about this union, work on your awareness. The instructions are always very clear. The learning process with her is very deep, detailed and enjoyable! Her voice is very calming and soft, movements and adjustments are very gentle. Which is very important especially when you are a person in pain with tough physical or psychological issues.

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Therapeutic and Comphrensive Approach

Kaya is very experienced and advanced teacher and guiding the students in the correct and safe way. It's encouraging and inspiring to be part of her class. Not only covering the therapeutic aspects of Yoga she is also teaching about the anatomy, history of yoga and spiritual aspects of yoga. When you attend the class you feel like you are in the control cabin of a plane, you don't know how to make the plane fly but she guides you very good through the teaching process so when you take the control you kind of know what to do next. For sure it needs a lot of practice on your own but having correct guidelines is a must.

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life changing

The Kaya Yoga teacher training is truly focused on the essence of yoga, its authentic origins with modern applications. Kaya has extensive knowledge of therapeutic applications of yoga and ensure that her student understand how they can help their clients. The training covers in-depth physiology and alignments to ensure a safe practice. It also covers yoga philosophy in a very open-minded manner to make it approachable and digestible.

This training has had a tremendous impact on my life, and not only on the mat! I highly recommend it for people who want to develop a safe home practice or ensure that their teaching will be sound and helpful to their clients.

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dealing with the essence of yoga

For me it is important not to just do yoga but to actually understand why certain postures help you and in what manner and I think this is the perfect course for that

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Retreat in Portugal

I treated myself to a 3 day yoga and meditation retreat when we were in Portugal. It was one of the best things I have ever done for my physical and mental health. I found Kaya very insightful and full of surprises. Her approach was professional and I immediately felt at ease. that was 3 years ago now but I still very often call on the tools and techniques I learned when I was with Kaya.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
My experience with Kaya.

I think, Kaya is a perfect yoga master for me. She is very gentle, respectful and treats her clients very carefully. Her sessions are a very good mixture of demonstration and explanation. It results to be very useful. Kaya makes me understand my body, listen to it carefully and feel deeply all it's needs. If she has to adjust something in my posture with hands it's always because there is an important reason for it as my case is quite neglected.


I would say that Kaya is a yoga healer, because her medical yoga does heal and I see the results already. Safety is the most important point of her work. I trust Kaya very much, I feel very confident in her presence. And even those days when I do yoga alone this feeling stays with me. Kaya gives me all necessary tools so I can do my poses by myself and be sure about what I'm doing. Kaya never gives me something I am not ready for and she inspects carefully in what condition am I every day. She arranges all exercises and poses according to my readiness and my personal case, my problems. I like that Kaya sees a person as a perfect balance of a physical, spiritual sides and a mind. All three aspects of a human being are linked and have influence on each other. I started to feel it immediately upon my first session with Kaya as I started to feel released not just from my physical pain, but also from many of my emotional worries. My mind has clearified, too. I am making my steps forward my personal integrity and Kaya is the best guide for me. I am very grateful to the Universe that it gave me an opportunity to work with Kaya! And I am very grateful to Kaya for her amazing work!

Kaya PetersOctober 23, 2014

Dear Centella ;-)

What a beautiful review, thanks so much, it is honestly touching. I truly am grateful for working with you and for meeting you! As you bring me so much more understanding of what I am here to do, and besides that amazing pancakes :-D and lovely conversations.

Many blessings and thank you so much!