Kayla Fisher

Pueblo, CO
United States

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Kayla a Colorado native, is a jack of all traits. Kayla first tried yoga in hopes it would be a good workout. She soon found out yoga has a much deeper connection to not only the body but the mind and soul as well. In July of 2015 Kayla thought she would deepen her yoga practice by becoming an instructor. Yoga is a practice that she has always come back to even in her busy schedule. Yoga allows us to not only open our mind but to nourish our physical body and soul. Kayla has completed her 200 TT at Studio Share, a donation studio in her hometown of Pueblo.

When not on the mat you can find Kayla in the mountains. Her last name isn’t Fisher for nothing! Kayla enjoys fishing at high mountain lakes. Anything involving her hands is Kayla’s style. Ceramics, painting, you name it! Another hobby of hers is gardening, knowing she can be self-sufficient by growing her own produce brings her bliss. She also enjoys traveling and being able to experience other cultures from around the world.

She has a profound love for children, currently working on her liberal studies degree she hopes to fulfill her dreams of becoming an elementary teacher. For now she remains teaching to those who come to her class to block out the noise of life and to find a light within themselves.


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