K.C. Gott

Knoxville, TN
United States

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I started doing yoga at the YMCA close to a decade ago and fell in love with the practice. Going deeper into study was a natural progression for me. Becoming a teacher was and is ultimately about my own learning process. I believe you never truly know something until you teach it.

I love introducing people to yoga. Because I typically teach beginning yoga basics, restorative, yin, and chair yoga, I most often have students who are new to the practice or who have come to yoga because of a health issue or a need to reduce stress and become healthier overall. So much of the commercialized yoga world has depicted yoga as power poses completed by young, thin, white women. When people see me, however, they know if I can do yoga, so can they.

I open myself up to whatever a class needs. Once, I planned classes in great detail and then someone in class would need to work on something that wasn’t in my line up. I began to simply show up and be open. In response, almost always, a student will say, “that’s exactly what I needed.” Being open to the needs of each of my students and staying focused on them keeps me flexible in more ways than one.

I prefer to teach the gentler aspects of yoga - meditation, introspection, basic form, yoga nidra, pranayama, and so forth. Although, I am not currently teaching at a studio, I have been teaching since January 2012 and am available for private sessions and small groups on a limited basis.

I’ve lived in Kingsport for the last 20 years with my husband, Roger. Roger and I have two sons, Logan (23) and Dalton (19), a cat named Meow-meow and a sweet Pomeranian named Jasmine. When I’m not teaching yoga, I’m teaching college students mad communication skills, training business owners to use referral marketing techniques, or mentoring women entrepreneurs who have big goals. I hold an advanced degree in communication studies. In addition, I'm trained as a health & wellness coach. Connect with me at


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