Keller Yoga

Fort Worth, TX
United States

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Yoga and meditation have been a part of my life since the time I was born. I spent my earliest years living in Rajneesh Puram with Osho until I was 5 years old. Dived deeply into devotion with Chirst durning my teenage years and began practicing meditation during this time. I spent 12 years studying with a Buddhist nun who also taught from A Course in Miracles, and fell into the loving arms of two yoga traditions that have shaped both my personal practice and what and how I teach. My main focus in yoga asana practice is on practices to develop inner awareness and strength. I emphasize the use of mantra, meditation and breath practices to activate postures as well as create new neural pathways to step out of habitual thought and emotional patterns. Chanting/Kirtan is another aspect of yoga that I practice daily and love to share with others. I offer scripture studies with the specific intention of taking the sacred texts and sifting out the techniques for living and applying the teachings from them. It is not a religious study of sacred texts, but rather an experiential study in which religion is not relevant to which text we study, your personal experience with the Divine within is. I love sharing the science behind these techniques. Having some basic understanding of why and how they work has led me to have more devotion and self-discipline in my own practice.


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