Kelli Russell

Encinitas, CA
United States
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Eleven years ago, I started out as a counselor because I wanted to help people live the best life possible, but I found that talk therapy was a lot of rehashing old wounds, often met with resistance. I’d taken up yoga at about the same time and noticed how students often walked in with slumped shoulders and downcast eyes, but 1 hour later left smiling, vibrant— exalted! I decided I could more effectively help others through the medium of mindful movements, and decided to become a yoga teacher instead.

I do yoga because it makes me feel like the superhero of my own life: able to handle any challenges that cross my path, slaying negative thoughts and patterns, feeling confident, brave and strong, better equipped to help those around me.

I teach yoga because I believe that if I can help you move through challenges in yoga with grace and a little humor, feel more comfortable in your own body and mind, and increase your health, then we’ve done something amazing together.

My classes are usually strong, nurturing, empowering, creative, sometimes more on the fun side /sometimes more focused; all designed to derail you from your auto-pilot patterns and move you into mindfulness so that you can live the best life you can imagine.

I’m a 500-RYT Vinyasa Yoga Teacher with over 3000 hours of teaching experience and additional certifications in Anatomy & Biomechanics of Yoga from Dr. Raymond Long, Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley, and Budokon Yoga with founder Cameron Shayne. I’ve led many workshops on Yin Yoga, Meditation, Safe Wrists/Strong Core, Utilizing Props to Support Your Practice, Intelligent Sequencing, Breathwork and Meditation, Yoga for Horse Riders and Yoga for Runners. I assisted the Budokon Yoga Teacher Training at Ra Yoga, Los Angeles, taught at the Yoga Rocks the Park event in San Diego, 2014. I currently co-lead the Vinyasa Arts 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program, and will teaching master classes at the City of Hope’s retreat funding cancer research at the Pala Resort and Spa April, 2016.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

22 Reviews

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