Kellie Berns

philadelphia, PA
United States

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Kellie Berns has dedicated her life to the study and practice of yoga, meditation and self-inquiry for the last 14 years. In her beginning years of college she discovered Iyengar yoga, and decided that the world didn’t need more academics but instead it needed more relaxed, aware, joyful people (, it needed more yoga). She has completed 3 yoga teacher trainings, and numerous hours of study with teachers such as Eileen Muir, Amy Ippolity, Sommer Sobin, John Friend, and Suzie Hurley, to name a few. Her studies in yoga led her to live in India and Nepal for many years, where she met and sat in months of retreat with her meditation teachers as well as delved into the study of Adviata Vedanta and Buddhism in its many facets. From there her love for healing led her to Hawaii for 3 years to study and teach at a school for bodywork, yoga, mediation, and consciousness training. She is currently practicing massage therapy and Structural Integration, teaching yoga that is heavily influenced by the Anusara, Iyengar, and Ashtanga traditions, and co-directing the Ahimsa House in West Philadelphia. Kellie’s teaching style is characterized by her precision to detail, understudying of the body, knowledge of therapeutics, and warm and friendly nature. At the core of her teaching is the philosophy that this life is a miracle and yoga is a tool to help us access this miracle as our momentary experience of the Now.


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