Kelly Hickey

Vergennes, VT
United States

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Practicing and sharing yoga is a huge part of my life, without it I would be unhinged. When I became a mom twenty years ago I found myself yearning for a spiritual and grounding path that would bring me fully in to life and remind me to be my best self and an example for my family. The yoga community in Vermont and around the world has been that safe, loving and encouraging place from where I open my wings and fly forth with love and compassion.

Teaching yoga through play to children of all ages is my calling and where I feel most alive. Children are the great sages in life and their fearlessness, energy and laughter is a gift to be celebrated and encouraged. My yoga teacher training has been based in many styles of children's yoga as well as yoga immersions for adults. I love how universal yoga is and through my teaching I hope bodies, minds and spirits will find their natural way - leading them to eternal bliss!


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