Kelly Rae du Plooy

Cape Town
South Africa

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I started practicing yoga in 2013 with Bikhram at Hot Dog Yoga in Seapoint, Cape Town, and fell in-love with how I felt after each class. I felt more present, so much more relaxed, and everything seemed clearer to me. I became aware of my breath and my breathing. Life began to feel very different, it felt good, and I felt much happier and at peace.

In 2014 I moved to Hong Kong where I continued to develop my self-practice and joined Pure Yoga. It was here that I began to explore all the different styles of yoga. I attended as many classes as I could, going once or twice a day, to learn from the incredible instructors who came from all over the world. Finally I listened to my heart and felt that my calling was to teach yoga, and share this gift with as many people as possible. I found Vinyasa yoga was my style as each time I returned to my mat and began my flow it felt like dancing. This yoga concentrates on creating meditation through movement and breath. It allows you to be creative in your class sequences and designs. Basically you ‘go with the flow’ and I am all about that!

Vinyasa yoga is based on Ashtanga yoga and concentrates on movement, sun salutations and the breath. It is a light flow class that incorporates holding asanas (postures) longer to allow the students time to focus on proper alignment in order to reap the full benefit from each pose. Basic versions of each asana are offered along with modifications for those seeking either a more gentle or more challenging practice.

I specialize in beginners’ yoga but I also teach all-levels. Many of my clients who had never done yoga before, found it too daunting to go and join a yoga class for fear of not knowing what to do, what to expect, or worry of possible injury. In my sessions I will help you set up a solid foundation of the right knowledge and basic asanas (postures) to maintain an effective self-practice, benefiting you in the long run. I offer a more hands-on approach, focused on helping with any modifications and adjustments, specifically designed to meet each individual client’s needs.

I am a mobile yoga teacher for “Mobi Yogi” providing private one-on-one sessions, corporate classes and specialising in beginner yoga and outdoor yoga sessions #WeeekendWarriors in and around the general Cape Town area.


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