Kendra Renzoni

South Hadley, MA
United States

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Kendra is an artist. She teaches alignment, strength within mobility, grace, technique, and experiential understanding of the anatomy and emotions within the body.

She brings philosophy and inquiry into class; creating the ability to be present, see patterns that cause pain, learn from them, and use them to create emotional and physical freedom.

She gives demonstrations of the poses; using her body to demonstrate what to do and what not to do and why. She also uses her words to create imagery that clarifies what she is teaching.

She uses her voice in creative ways. Her direction begins with instruction; what to do, what not to do, and why. She is theatrical, plays different characters, tells stories, sings, plays instruments, and repetitively weaves her instructions through class so students learn to apply one instruction in many different places and ways.

She uses hands-on touch to communicate about the internal experience of an instruction. Her students often have "Aha!" moments from these!

Background: 500-ERYT with Yoga Alliance
Kendra began teaching yoga in 2005. She holds a 200-hour certification in Vinyasa Yoga as well as an additional 500-Hour certification from Eileen Muir who teaches in the Iyengar tradition. She has studied with many Iyengar teachers such as Manouso Manos, Carrie Owerko, Kevin Gardiner, Lara Brunn, Bobby Clennel, and she has also studied with Rodney Yee. She is deeply inspired by the teachings of Iyengar, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Eight-Limbed Path, Adyashanti, Nisargardatta, and the practice of opening the heart.

She has had enormous benefit from the practice of Iyengar yoga with depression, anxiety, fatigue, and multiple injuries over the years. Her relationship and understanding of emotional and physical pain has completely transformed through yoga and her teaching is highly influenced by the knowledge and skill she has gained from working through these experiences. She is currently studying gymnastics, mobility work with Kelly Starett, and Yoga-Tune-Up with Jill Miller.


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