Kerry Butkevich

Cape Cod, MA
United States
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First began practicing Yoga, decades ago -
Original Yoga school of study is Inner Peace Yoga School.
Took a 200 Yoga Teacher Training, '06 - '07.
When finished became a RYT.
Been teaching Yoga since.
Love yoga, have turned to yoga, always. .

Taught in
- the gym atmosphere, classes of nine - 21.
- the college level to young women of a class 15.
- to babies two to four years old -
- Yoga Studios
- seniors

Have also crossed my teaching in the public schools with my yoga studies.
Have included 15 minutes of salutations of yoga into gym classes,
at the high school level -
Have included yoga "breath work," with the younger children K-3,
when teaching an afternoon, or a few afternoons with the sixth and seventh grad-rs

When work as LMT very much try to fit in a brief yoga practice.
At the end of a long day -
very much love to fit in an evening yoga practice.

Put my attention to my yoga practice when my knees were beginning to ache after twenty-five years of running. Focused more on yoga, and been turning to yoga (instead of running since).
Yup, very much miss a good run.

Ashtanga V-nyasa Primary Series Yoga,
training to practice and teach, 2010.
The Yoga teach, Liza, is an amazing Yoga instructor.
Taught Ashtanga V-inyasa Primary Series, aft-r finishing my Ashtanga V-nyasa Primary Series Yoga studies
When have free moments, and am in good shape,
then try to fit in an Ashtanga V-nyasa practice once a week,
(minus one asana. Any Ashtanga V-nyasa Practition-r knows what asana).


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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