Kerry Butkevich

Cape Cod, MA
United States
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Kerry began practicing Yoga, decades An athlete, when her runs were shortened after twenty five years, Yoga practice became more of a focus. She has been teaching Yoga since.
"Love yoga, have turned to yoga, always."

Kerry has brought her Yoga teachings to gyms, the public schools, the college level, young children, the studios, and has helped with senior Yoga. She has taught and enjoyed teaching private lessons.

She has crossed her teaching in the public schools with her yoga allowed, she has included 15 minutes of salutations of yoga into gym classes, at the high school level, and has included yoga "breath work," with the younger children K-3,
"To include Yoga brings a ton of laughter to the students, no matter what age."


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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