Kerry Butkevich

Cape Cod, MA
United States
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Certified through Inner Peace Yoga School 200 Yoga Teacher Training in '06 & '07, and became an RYT. Love yoga, have turned to yoga through it all.

Been teaching since then. Have taught in the gym atmosphere to classes of nine - 21. Have taught at the college level to young women of a class 15. Have taught to babies ages two to four, and seniors (seventies to eighties), and have taught in the yoga studio setting.

Have also crossed my teaching in the public schools with my yoga knowledge - have included 15 minutes of salutations of yoga into gym classes at the high school level, and have included yoga breathing with the younger children K-3 when teaching for an afternoon or a few afternoons with the sixth and seventh graders, along with the asanas to the older students.

When having to work massage therapy I try to get in a brief yoga practice for my morning to awaken my muscles, and at the end of a long day - love to fit in an evening yoga practice.

Turned more of my attention to my yoga practice when my knees were beginning to ache after twenty-five years of running. Focused more on yoga and been turning to yoga instead of running since then.

Worked through a ten month Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series Yoga training to practice and teach in 2010. Have taught Ashtanga Vinyasa style in the yoga studios. When have the time, and am in the shape for Ashtanga, then keep up the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice once a week.

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