kerry GLasier

Holden, MA
United States

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I have been into yoga ever since I stopped dancing. I would attend a class here and there but then I became a regualr at a local hot vinyasa studio. I decided to take a yoga training at the age of 24. The training I took was based on Viniyoga and the lineage of Krishnamacharya. Although it was only a 40 hour course I learned a great deal about viniyoga and it peaked my interest in regards to therapeutc yoga.
about 10 years later I took my 200 hour teacher certification in Raga Yoga, The Kings Path. Now I am on neverending adventure to experience as many types of yoga as I can and to also delve into the ancient texts and mythology of this 500 year old science. Pantanjali tells us that (sutra1.1) NOW is yoga in it's natural state. Now being here and now, the same was true 5000 years ago and will be true 200 years from now. Now is the only time and place that Yoga can take place. Yoga is always relevant to the day, time year etc. Everything about it can be applied to our current situation in life and in the great big world of politics, humanity and the ecosystem.


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