Kerry Wooloughan

Rainham, Chatham, Bexley
United Kingdom

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About me and my teaching:

I had always felt a little isolated, a little lonely. A maladaptive perfectionist struggling to be satisfied with any achievements, always that little bit disappointed with myself and my life, feeling guilty that I didn't feel happy. I struggled with expectations of society (which of course were all created in my own head) these feelings caused a constant state of stress and anxiety.

Then, by chance, yoga found me. I started attending Hatha classes with the most amazing, strong and inspirational woman. My life quickly changed.

I have now learnt ways with which to manage my crazy mind. My once weak body is now strong. My relentless back and shoulder pains have gone. I am more open and accepting. I am kinder to myself and all I meet. The benefits have been and are endless which is exactly why I like to share and teach.

Yoga really is for everyone. Yoga is not about making shapes. Yoga is not a competition. Yoga is a science of the mind where we build strength of mind and strength of body.

My approach is to deconstruct postures, working in stages, making yoga accessible for everyone. I work with Ahimsa (non-harming) being kind to the body, respecting our body and always working to our own personal measure.


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