Kerry Wooloughan

United Kingdom

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About me and my teaching:

I had always felt a little isolated. A maladaptive perfectionist struggling to be satisfied with any achievements, always that little bit disappointed with myself and my life, feeling guilty that I didn't feel happy. I lived in a constant state of stress and anxiety.

Then, by chance, yoga found me. I started attending Hatha classes with the most amazing, strong and inspirational woman. My life quickly changed.

I have now learnt ways with which to manage my mind. My once weak body is now strong. My relentless back and shoulder pains have gone. I am more open and accepting. I am kinder to myself and all I meet. The benefits have been and are endless which is exactly why I like to share and teach.

My approach to teaching comes from a humanistic perspective, working with optional suggestions, making yoga accessible and relevant. I offer an emotionally safe environment encouraging a celebration of our uniqueness.

Our goal of Yoga as defined by Patanjali as the mastery and the stilling of the thought patterns of the mind therefore using the body and the breath as a tool or vehicle to reach that goal.

Functional Yoga is designed to be useful, facilitating improved mental and physical health.

Classes involve breathing, concentration, movement and relaxation.

Yoga is a science of the mind where we can build strength and resilience of mind and body enabling us to live our best life.


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