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Since I can remember, I was always attracted to sports. As a young man in junior high school I was on all possible teams, from long distance running and iron ball throwing, to hand ball and basketball, to soccer and folklore dancing. Later I focused on a professional basketball career, until I was introduced to martial arts.

The practice of martial arts was very special and fascinated me, as a way for self-improvement. I was told from the beginning "there will always be someone bigger stronger or better then you." It was about the warrior spirit more then to go and hurt someone. The focus was on perfecting the quality of the movement to the finest of details, which made me aware of every movement, and for the first time I confronted my deepest fears.

Part of my practice of martial arts was the internal practice of Tai Chi and the healing system of Shiatsu. These methodologies introduced me to the oriental philosophies and for the first time I heard the word "enlightenment."
Martial arts drove me to seek further into the eastern philosophies and look for a place to study Hatha Yoga.
I started my Hatha Yoga practice in the beginning of 1996 and kept on studying and teaching for the next 16 years at an Ashram. During these years I taught thousands of hours of yoga classes, workshops, and retreats. This experience opened for me a deep understanding of the connection between the body and the mind, and the unique way that yoga takes the practitioner through the body into the realm of energy experiences all the way to the actual experience of a deep peace in a simple way that can talk to anyone.

In 2012, together with my partner in life, Radha, we formed "Keshava Radha Yoga" where we share our passion and love for Yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry.


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