Ketut Arsana

Ubud Bali

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Ketut Arsana was born in the village of Padang Tegal in Ubud, Bali and grew up in a family of traditional Balinese shaman healers (Balian).The ancient Balinese healing tradition was passed on to Ketut from his grandfather and previous ancestors. The Balinese lineage of healing normally skips a generation and is passed down through the male line. Ketut Arsana was the boy chosen by his grandfather to keep this lineage alive within the family. Balinese shamans still play a central role in public health care and this has remained virtually unchanged since ancient times.

Ketut began his healing practice with his own family and gradually extended it to neighbors and eventually anyone who heard about him. In addition, he continually improved his knowledge by way of learning from other healers, praying in temples and other sacred places and through spiritual discipline. Most importantly Ketut Arsana found his spiritual teacher, Maha Guru and surrendered to God (Lord Siva).

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