Ketut Sumayana

Singaraja Bali

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Yoga is one way which i use for my daily life., to help to make our body, mind and soul are connected. to learn to understand our self and more focus to our selves. I was a bad boy and i was work since a young age when i was 11 years old, my emotion was so high and my ego as well and i don't believing anyone in my life until i met my Guru who was teaching me in Collage on 2008 about "spiritual journey in life" and i was so interest about it and i am learn a lot from him and then he asking me to learn Yoga in his Ashram and i continue learning Yoga and Indian Culture in India on 2009-2010 just for 7 months. I was learn Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh, India and i did practice more often in my Guru Ashram after i am back from India, after that i start teaching Yoga in one Pesraman in Singaraja as well starting teaching some individual person. The Yoga which I learn Ashram and in India is in one package that to combine our between Body, Mind and Spirit.


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