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Its so difficult to talk about ones self with out a sense of ego trying to wiggle its way in, or self hypnotizing the self into a fixed state or mentality, but here goes.

I am passionate about well being, but not fanatical about the particular direction we should take to achieve it. for something to be truly effective I believe our first criteria should be that we really enjoy what we are doing.

I have been immersed in yoga for nearly 24 years, I enjoy sharing what I have learned from this profound tradition, I am enthusiastic about the tools it offers and its simplicity, and am constantly amazed with its ability to help people from all cultures feel good about themselves.

Over the last few years I have been studying Myoskeletal Alignment, a form of body work that quickly restores balance to the bodies structure helping to eliminate painful symptoms, usually through the release of compressional issues relating to muscular, skeletal imbalances, causing nerve impingement. This work has radically refined and increased the effectiveness off the yoga therapy programs I offer.

So here I AM, after 45 years, still a student, still learning, much more alive, with maybe a little more to share thanks to my teachers in the formal sense and those that have presented me with their discomforts or pain, I am truly privileged and deeply grateful to you all.

I now reside with my partner and daughter Just outside the city of palma on the beautiful Island of mallorca


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