Khadija Zouhir

United Arab Emirates

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My love for yoga started around 20 years ago while I was attending few classes in different locations. However, my beautiful journey into enlightenment started 16 years ago and will never I started yoga after a Volleyball injury that have kept me in bed for 3months. And since then I have never left my mat. I was going to the first yoga studio in Dubai after my fulltime job and practicing with few DVDS at home that I ordered through Amazon since nothing was available here. As I was practicing I was feeling the benefits of yoga on my knee and the well being and relaxing sensations it was giving me.
The first 200hrs Sivananda TTC in 2002 was happening in the Middle East so I asked my teacher (Archaya) if I could and ready to attend considering i cant live my job. Here began my everlasting journey, so excited, I was part of the training together with another 9 students every morning from 6 to 8am for 2hours for a period of 3months then go full of energy to the office. once the training was over was assisting my teacher for a period of 1year and as i got more confident started teaching, started covering some of his classes and teach in different studios and hotels. In 2002 until 2005 Yoga wasn't so popular in Dubai. I started training with the Iyengar system, here my journey into awareness begun. Iyengar Yoga taught me the quietness, alignment and use of props on the mat. I attended and learned from workshops and with experience started to have my own way of teaching and had the chance to teach in South Africa, Bali and Malaysia. Lately I travelled to India and completed 500hours YA Yoga Therapy. I am thankful for the goodness that yoga has given me and started sharing it through my workshops and soon with my TTC and retreats. Stay mindful on the


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