Khira Mali

Austin, TX
United States
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Khira has been teaching since 2004. She has over 1000 hours of yoga trainings as well as other certificates that she will share in special classes/ workshops including; fascial release, dance/movement therapy, meditation and more. She has taught a variety of classes at large detox centers in Asia in the past 14 years, mostly Thailand, and she has worked at Yoga Teacher training centers, which makes her an ideal teacher for; those new to yoga, those who have experienced yoga injuries and even yet those who are well seasoned intermediated level yogis.

Her classes are often a hybrid mix of all she has studied and trained. Some of her trainings are in the styles of: Hatha, vinyasa, circular yoga, restorative, flow, Yogaletics, and Shiva Rea style dance yoga. Although each class will hold the form of a specified type of yoga, please note that her classes will combine much of the knowledge of all these styles in order to guide students through a well balanced practice.

“I’m not here to teach you how to bend like a pretzel. I am here to show you who you are, to bring to awareness your characteristics, habits, intents, held in your body and in your from that knowledge you can chose to continue doing what you are doing, should it be serving you or you can change it. I hold space, what you do in that space is your choice.”


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

18 Reviews

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