Kim Ball

Flesherton, ON
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After 26 years of sitting in front of a computer, clicking on a mouse, developing poor posture, my body began to start talking back to me. I was in pain! In bringing Yoga in to my life I experienced first-hand the benefits of yoga and how it can improve one’s overall well-being.

Back in 2008 I developed a passion for yoga and decided to pursue training in this field. In addition to working full-time I successfully obtained my Yoga Training Certification. Since then I have enjoyed teaching as a hobby, offering classes to friends, family and colleagues.

In 2010 I pursued further training in Therapeutic Yoga, which is designed to help people that are experiencing pain in their body.

Currently I am in the process of turning my passion of teaching Yoga in to a full time career.

Willow Creek Yoga is my home based studio, located on 50 acres in a beautiful rural area 25 minutes south-west of Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

I offer Gentle Yoga classes, YogaWork, Private Therapeutic sessions in my home studio as well as mobile services within 45 kms from my home.

In a session with me I will have you focus on pure movement. I will teach you how to move mindfully in your joints and encourage you to move in your tension free and pain free range of motion. I will encourage you to stop while you are still feeling ease in your body, which in turn, will allow your nervous system to relax. I will not have you create tension on top of tension that may already exist in your body. Because of this technique, you will start to notice changes in your body rather quickly. Your pain will decrease or be eliminated and you will start to enjoy life again. Less really is more!

In a group class setting you will start out by relaxing your body, followed by a gentle warm-up and then you’ll work on opening, lengthening and strengthening your body through a variety of poses. You’ll explore a variety of breathing techniques, and at the end of every class you will enjoy a guided relaxation.

Now if your body is super tight, or you experience a lot of pain, sometimes regular yoga classes can be too much to handle. Therefore you will want to consider a Private Session. Privates are designed for people with pain, injury or illness who want to cultivate relaxation, strength and ease from the inside out. So based on your current state of wellness, a program of therapeutic movements and breathing techniques can be designed specific to your needs and goals. During your session, I will guide you through your program, helping you progress at the pace that suits you best. Whether you have 15 minutes in your day or 1 hour, the programs are designed to work for you so that you can experience success while getting out of pain.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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