Kim Bolton

Richmond, ON

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E-RYT500+ Instructor & Facilitator, studio owner, Reiki Master

Living and teaching in Richmond and surrounding areas.
Offering community, private and corporate Yoga classes. I also offer a number of health and wellness workshops.

Yoga is love…. it is sound… it is breath… it is movement…

Reiki is love… it is it is the Universal Energy that surrounds, and is, a part of us…

I found my way into Yoga over 18 yrs ago… and I’m confident that energy work (Reiki) has always been a part of my life. I just needed the proper tools to set me on my path.

Like many, Yoga started out as an on again, off again, love affair for the first few years… through many trials and tribulations, there was a realization in my early 30’s that in order to look after my family & others healthfully, I needed to start looking after, and loving myself too. This is when I truly found my way back to Yoga, and Reiki re-emerged in my life. Seeds that were planted long ago began to sprout.

My formal courses of study began in 2009. Through the years I have completed various levels of study in Hatha (200 & 500 hour programs) & Yin Yoga. I have also completed courses of study in Chakra Yoga, Restorative Yoga & the Radiant Child Yoga program. The amounts of time dedicated to study and teaching have brought me to a point currently being certified at the E-RYT200 & E-RYT500 designations through Yoga Alliance ™. I have been blessed to be trained in the Usui form of Reiki practices; and humbly completed my Reiki Master level of study in October of 2016.

My Yoga and Reiki offerings come from a place of intuition and deep love and appreciation for my own path and the numerous teachers and students who helped me along the way.

I believe it is important to never stop learning, from ourselves or others. This is why I teach and continue to study.

It is my hope to inspire, and be inspired by, those that end up on my path at any given moment .. from the humble, sometimes downtrodden moments, to the days where moments take our breath away through joy & rapture… to those beautiful spaces of normalcy in between. It is all worth experiencing!

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.” (anonymous)

I look forward to sharing space and energy with you soon!


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