Kim Clemente

Lake Mary, FL
United States

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Kim is an environmental consultant, photographer, and yogini. She first discovered yoga in college many years ago when a friend asked her to accompany him to a class, because he heard it could help relieve stress. Her friend made it through just one class before giving up, but Kim stuck with it for a few years after realizing that syncing physical movement with breath cleared her mind enough to allow her to successfully focus on her studies. Kim rediscovered yoga in 2013 after many years, and has been hooked ever since.

Based on the encouragement of all of her yoga teachers, fellow classmates, and friends and family members, Kim finally signed up for a yoga teacher training program. She trusts that everyone sees something in her that she didn’t know was there, and is grateful to have found so many wonderful, kind, positive people to share her love of yoga with. She is learning to overcome fear, try new things, and believe that all things are possible. You can follow her yoga journey on Instagram


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