Kim Damore

Erie, PA
United States

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My name is Kim Damore, born and raised as Erie Native. I have been in the food service business for over 20 years and counting. I have dabbled in serving, baking, sou chef, dish washing and picking up deliveries of inventory.
Like so many others before me, my yoga experience was born in pain. Disproportion and discrepancy in my right leg led to extraordinary back pain which was difficult to relieve on my best days. On my feet for hours at a time did little to promote well being. As I struggled to maintain stability walking, balancing the heavy plates of food to be served to my smiling guests, my left shoulder, my SI joint would "give" leaving me making every effort not to collapse under that weight.
That was "me", my reality. The physical and emotional weight of the food service industry was wreaking havoc on my already weakened body. It was my 77 year old grandmother who noticed my suffering and suggested Yoga. Her understanding, eight years ago, led me to my mat. This new way of accepting "Myself " took time to understand. The language was foreign and my hurting, stuck body felt overwhelmed at times. It was the mercy of my first yoga class that helped me find balance and relief that was palpable and real. I made the commitment to continue to understand where this relief was coming from and began my journey in Nutrition and Exercise Science and Eastern Philosophy. In 2015, I graduated from Satya Yoga and Wellness with my yoga teacher certification.
Since then, I have also received training and certification in meditation and I am Reiki One certified. I use this unique combination of physiological and subtle to connect with my students. It is through this Universal connection that wellness and wholeness can thrive. It is this union of body and mind that seeks to inspire you with health and happiness. It is my honor to share this wisdom and be your guide on your personal journey of love, light, and healing.


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