Kim Konings

Cape Town 11
South Africa
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Having never really been much into sport or classes of any sort, I wandered into my first yoga class at a gym in my hometown in South Africa in 2010. Finally, I had found something that resonated with me, stimulated me and made me want to come back. Like many people, I started my yoga practice for the physical asana benefits, but it soon became very apparent that the mindfulness cultivated by yoga integrates every into every thought and action. Yoga changed my attitude, my way of thinking, the way I breathe and the way I move. I so enjoy the process of every pose, the challenge, the tiny adjustments, the awareness and the calm. I am currently teaching English in South Korea, an adventure I sought after completing my masters in plant conservation in Cape Town, South Africa and teaching yoga part-time at a local studio. I would love to shift my focus to teaching yoga full-time so that I can share the passion I have for the yoga practice, grow in my own practice and guide others to experience the benefits I now rave about. I enjoy originality, fun, creativity, great music and a smooth flow, keeping in mind alignment and tradition.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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