Kim Small

United Kingdom

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I found yoga in 2010 on a holiday in Bali and sourced some local teachers as soon as I returned. I got the bug pretty quickly and was practising as much as I could after that… usually 3 times a week or more. I finally bit the bullet and completed a 200hr intensive TTC in 2015 at the Gayatri Yoga School. At the time I wanted to deepen my own practise and gain greater understanding outside of the physical aspects of Yoga.

I am a chartered physiotherapist, specialising in neurological rehabilitation. Neurological rehabilitation involves comprehensive analysis of the body with a strong emphasis on improving body segment alignment and promoting efficient movement patterns. My passion for neurological rehabilitation and in depth understanding of how the body re-educates after injury provides a strong basis with which to influence my yoga practise and teaching.

I practise every week with other teachers and attend as many workshops as I can manage to get to. This compromises a mixture of yoga styles and teaching.

My classes are varied and influenced by the many teachers I have been taught by, as well as by my physiotherapy training. Classes combine meditation, pranayama and dynamic postures. I encourage all my students to take care of their bodies and have fun whilst integrating the traditional teachings of yoga.


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