Kim Volker

Charlotte, NC
United States

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I took my very first yoga class one snowy winter day in 2010. I hardly knew what downward facing dog was. It was hot. It was sweaty. It was HARD. More importantly, it was inspiring. I began a regular practice that day and the typical yoga cliche applies: my life changed after that 60 minute hot yoga class led by the lovely Marilyn Brown.

I completed Mara Ina Healy's 230 hour Teacher Training Program at Enlighten Yoga in 2013 and dove deep into yoga studies and began teaching immediately after completing the program.

I firmly believe that through the practice of yoga, all facets of life are improved. I am constantly amazed by the teachings and learnings of the practice and love the benefit yoga has on the body, mind, and spirit.

I've taken master classes and workshops with Andrey Lappa, David Keil, Cora Wen, Jim Bennett, James Tennant, Kino MacGregor, Peter Sterios, Leslie Kaminoff, Dr. Nevin Markel, Shari Goldstein, Shona Baldoni, Hillary Kossak, and Amani Murray and am continuing to grow in my practice and teaching in Enlighten Yoga's 500-RYT program. I continue to learn from and lean on Marilyn Brown, the teacher of my first class and my amazing mentor for guidance and support.

My classes are first and foremost balanced. Strength, flexibility, ranges of mobility in the body, creativity, and structure. I ask students every class to bring awareness to their breath and notice the connection of body, mind, and spirit through an intentional practice.


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