Kim Zombik

Montreal, QC

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Hello there, everyone! I recently began studies of classical Hindustani music in India with the Gundecha Brothers. This sound practice is refined and find it contains all the preceisions of Iyengar, yet at the level of voice and vibration. Truly exciting!
The use of sound in de-cluttering the body-mind of it's stresses and baggage is something that interests me very much and I offer a class exploring this on Sunday afternoons. In the months to come, I will be offering more of these types of yoga classes and experiences.

Presently, I teach Hatha yoga, both in a vinyasa and a more static style, and I have been told that my approach is both gentle and tough, precise and funny. I like to believe that when those qualities are woven together, compassion arises in the that's good.


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