Kimberly Harrison

Brooklyn, MI
United States
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Kimberly Harrison, , is a singer and holistic voice coach who specializes not only in vocal technique for singing and speaking, but also in integrating body, mind, and spirit through voice work. She has years of experience with Lila, La Madre, Iyengar, & Anusara Yoga (though not a certified yoga instructor), and weaves many yogic ideas and practices into her voice and breath work.

Kimberly also has years of training in modalities such as Breatheology, Alexander Technique, Continuum Movement, contact improv, dance, and sound healing.

Her company, Singing For Your Soul, focuses on the voice as a window to the soul. When we find and free our voices, we find and free our souls. Therefore, the main focus is on the holistic, freeing, and medicinal benefits of sound and song - singing to express rather than impress.

Kimberly offers voice workshops for yoga instructors and students alike. She is a gentle guide to helping clients access the amazing benefits available to us through a deeper understanding of our breath, the sounds that we make, and the way that we make them.

Benefits Include:
•Breath Control - a whole new take
•Stronger, more flexible, captivating singing and speaking
•Wider vocal and emotional range
•More ease in presenting and performing
•More fluid, organic use of your body & mind
•Healing of emotional/mental triggers
•Rocking your singing because it's so darn fun!

She works privately and online with students worldwide. She also offers live music for yoga classes, voice for healing workshops, and sonic healing concerts.

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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