Kimberly Lewis

Albuquerque, NM
United States

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Kim is an educator, yogini and artist and healer. She has a background in socio-cultural anthropology, fine arts and multi-cultural education. She has been a dual-language elementary school teacher on the US-Mexico border, has taught ceramics, ephemeral art and sculpture, and was a founding administrator and instructor at Laxmi International School in Gujarat, India. Additionally Kim has worked with non-profits, developing and coordinating educational curriculum, programs and outreach, as well as grant writing, media and marketing. Kim came to yoga around a decade ago, and immediately fell in love with yoga as it began to holistically transform her life. She loves to travel, to create, to be outdoors, to study, and to enjoy life.

Kim strongly believes in the power of yoga to transform and heal the body, mind and spirit. She loves to help students become embodied through breath, sound, posture and collective movement. She creates classes where students can stoke their internal fire of transformation through challenging yet accessible sequences that open the heart and root the Self.

Kim's public classes are inspired by her training in Prana Flow ® and AyurYoga Therapy. Having studied at the world-renowned Ayurvedic Institute. She can tailor sessions to meet individual needs based on Dosha (constitution), season, environment and specific goals.


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