Kimberly Maslanka

Taylor, PA
United States

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After suffering for years with anxiety and then suffering for over a year from an acute onset of panic and anxiety disorder together when I hit 30, I came across my first in person 6 week beginners series class of Gentle Hatha Yoga with Melissa Russo of Yoga Journeys. I was amazed at how this gentle practice could challenge me both mentally and physically. I fell in love with the possibility of always feeling great in body and spirit. I then found myself wanting to learn more and deepen my own personal practice which led to energy moving in the body and my Reiki I and II Certification, by Reiki Master Margaret Mahoney in 2012 and then the completion of my RYT 200 Certification with Nancy Wile of Yoga Educational Institute and Fabienne Grossman of Weston Yoga in Weston, FL., in 2013.

Nancy and Fabienne’s yoga teachings are committed to the highest standards of instruction, integrity and compassion. I have had the pleasure to attend various workshops with incredible teachers such as Judith Hanson Lasater, of Relax and Restorative Yoga.

Since 2013 I have devoted my practice and career to teaching “Yoga for Everyone” a gentle approach of no matter the age or physical state of being. Yoga has added to my personal growth in so many ways. It has guided me, nurtured me, and allowed me to see my inner strengths, and recognize my fears. It has brought forth my purpose of helping others heal emotionally and physically. My traditional and nontraditional teachings of Hatha Yoga, Relax and Restorative yoga, help keep muscles working, joints, moving, blood flowing, energy “prana” moving and mindfulness all bringing ease to disease in the body and mind.

I am passionate about lifelong learning and personal growth, and believe that “digging deep” to understand one’s true self is life’s most sacred work. So in 2011 I began to study more about wellness and dug deep into how chemicals and toxins affect our bodies and our overall wellbeing. That is when my wellness journey began with Young Living Essential Oils and living a chemical free life. I love to educate people into avoiding these chemicals and toxins whenever it is possible, and reducing our toxic intake thus avoiding disease and allowing optimal health.

In 2012 Mother Willow Yoga & Wellness, LLC was founded, bringing a unique specialty of combining yoga and wellness to all parts of the community including special populations in need of inspiration, empowerment, compassion, acceptance and alternative healing along with preventive care.

Mother Willow Yoga and Wellness, LLC brings the missing link of understanding how emotional wellness affects our overall wellness and vitality, no matter where you are at in your life.

In realizing we live in fast pace world often we are not in tuned with our emotions, meaning we are not being mindful of stress triggers, therefore stress management and meditation is a part of my wellness plan. I incorporate meditations at the end of every class I do, because it helps us to be less bothered by meaningless things. It reduces stress levels and alleviates anxiety, improves concentration and increases patience, brings more enjoyment in life and feelings of serenity, it also helps with repressed memories and feelings buried alive.

In June of 2015 I took an 8 week Mindfulness course with Phil Salavante of NEPA Calm and now incorporate mindfulness in all of classes. This allows students to see even before class begins where tension is held in the body. Mindfulness allows the students to see what triggers their stress, allows them to see where they need to slow down, where they need to let go or let be, therefore allowing healing shifts in the body at a DNA level. I am now in the process of receiving certification as a Mindfulness Educator.

I encourage self-respect and honor with my students so they are less hard on themselves. My classes are warm, loving, refreshing and inspirational. I empower self care and I empathize with individual experiences. I know people remember the way you make them feel and my number one priority is every student feeling accepted, comfortable, safe and honored.


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