Kimmi Jeffers

Bothell, WA
United States

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Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, I grew up in the realms of competitive figure skating which initially led me into my first yoga class in 2003 for injury recovery. This first yogic experience was eye opening for me because it not only helped my injuries but gently pulled me back home to myself. Through all the ups and downs that skating and life has brought me, yoga has always been there as a trusted friend and guide. Yoga has not just been a physical “work-out” for me but an emotionally stabilizing and life-changing journey.

After completing my degree from the University of Utah in 2011, I spent a couple of years developing my internal baseline at a wilderness awareness and survival school on the east coast as well as months work-trading on various farms in Hawaii. In 2013, I spent seven months performing as a professional figure skater on-board a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship around the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. Since I was living and performing on a ship, I had a lot of time to develop a more consistent daily personal yoga practice which kept me incredibly grounded and healthy during the many days at sea. Squeezed in between my years of wandering, I decided to dive deeper into my yogic practices by completing my teacher training in 2012 with D’ana Baptiste at InBody Yoga Academy where I completed my 1000 hour certification with an emphasis on hatha, vinyasa, pranayama, meditation, and restore.

My classes explore the power of breath as a way to move and tap into a deeper, more subtle, place within ourselves. By practicing these various skills and techniques of yoga, I am hoping that students can settle into their authentic selves and step off their mats feeling healthy, balanced, and radiant.


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