Kirsten-Mia Hickey

South Africa

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I have had the privilege of training in Thailand under the immensely knowledgeable, Paul Dallaghan of Centered Yoga. Over the course of the teacher training I completely transformed my mind, body and spirituality. Founded on traditional values, we covered and lived the 8 limbs of Meditation, Asana, Chanting and Pranayama are now a daily practice. I have come closer to my true self and am more aware to bring mindfulness into everyday life.
I teach a variety of styles including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Aerial as well as meditation and pranayama. Movement follows the breath, and my classes are focused on correct alignment. I learn from my students every day and adjust the pace, level and flow of a class to suit the students. Most importantly, listen to your each day on the mat is different. Live life with gratitude, forgiveness, love and compassion.


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