Kirstin Dodd

Central London/ East London/ Essex/ Herts
United Kingdom

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Kirstin has been practicing yoga on and off for 20 years, it was a love that she always found herself coming back to, that was until 2012 when she realised she wanted yoga to be a constant in her life which then launched her journey into teacher training.

Having worked for years as a professional in the Marketing and Advertising industry, Kirstin is all too aware of the stresses of modern day office life, with this in mind she aims to teach a soft, nourishing albeit demanding yoga, focusing on alignment to help the body return to its original form and loosen the tension built up through years of habit, often formed from throwing the body into our stressful modern day environment. Kirstin hopes to offer a moment of calm, time to relax, release and come back to internal focus, sending you back out into the fast pace of our modern day life with a little more awareness, a little more relaxed and hopefully a little more freedom to move.