Kirsty Norton

United Kingdom

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Online Yoga Teacher

There are no rules, there are no limits, if you want to be the best version of yourself, you have to take responsibility, you have to make changes. Some of them won't be easy, others will be your best friends. Simple, steady steps are what it takes to create fulfilment. Listening to the language of the body is what creates balance. Once you have created this intimacy, you have the best relationship ever, you respect and trust yourself and you live in integrity. This life is a gift, how can you be the best version of yourself in it? That's where I step in to guide you in that.

I'm Kirsty, yoga teacher, holistic therapist, I mentor and educate about natural health solutions using essential oils, I'm a mumma and a lover of life. My dream is to get every home chemical free. I attract and teach women who are ready to take ownership of their lives and live it to the fullest and to have fun whilst doing it. I lead and inspire women to live the fullest, best life they could, whatever their situation.


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