Kishore Kumar

Hong Kong S.A.R., China

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Master Kishore began to explore the path of Yoga in 1992, He has studied various types of yoga discipline for over 20 years and been continuously captivated by the blessings, challenges, purpose and harmony that yoga has brought to his life. And certified as a Yoga Acharya(Master of Yoga) after spending time with his Guru in India. Master Kishore has gain sound teaching experience for more than 15 years in India, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Also, launched yoga workshops and retreats in Thailand ,China and Bali. He enjoys creating an atmosphere of warmth and stillness in his personal practice, which has empowered him to motivate his students. In 2013, Master Kishore together with his wife, yoga Master Pooja founded Prajna Yoga Limited in Hong Kong. Prajna Yoga is a center with a view to introduce yoga practice to practitioners from all levels who come from different walks of lives. With that in mind, Prajna Yoga offers a warm, unique and welcoming environment – a very accessible boutique located in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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