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I'm currently teaching classes in Alignment, Vinyasa, Hatha, Meditation, Pranayama, Yin, Restorative yoga etc. I'm giving my services to fitness centre, corporate program PT sessions for individual and private group.
All types of yoga classes, in both modern and traditional ways, are made to leading every unique individual to the same path, to established a holistic practicing, as to guiding one's towards the progress of Integration and reunion of the body, mind, spirit and soul.
As such, in my classes, I'm emphasizing mostly the relaxation of the mind, to the aim that ones ultimately be able to reached to the peacefulness state of the soul, that helps to regenerate/regain the power of our nature "Auto Immune System", thus be able to let the body heals naturally and protected from all kind of diseases, return and remaining to its optimal level, the origin state of being and healthiness.
Through the right, comfort and safety way practice of Asana, techniques of Pranayama, breathing, one's will naturally reaching to the state of Meditation, Tranquility of the mind, bringing you a sense of Clarity, Lightness, Joyfulness and enjoying the higher vibrational frequency in your whole being all time.
'The beauty of Truth is in the nature, and the nature is You.'


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