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I've been very lucky on my yoga journey. I took my first class at Himalaya yoga valley centre in Cork, Ireland and studied with my teachers Lisa Fahy and Lalit Kumar for 2 years before going to India to complete an intesive 200 hrs TTC at Himalaya yoga valley centre in Goa, India. I honour my first steps in yoga very much and honour the lineage of my teacher Lalit, which includes Iyengar, and Swami Rama. Lisa Fahy was my first teacher and my inspiration in Vinyasa flow classes I teach now, Lalit set my foundations in dscipline and alignment through Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with Iyengar alignment techniques.
After graduating as a teacher in 2014 I started sharing my love for yoga in private sessions while studying the philosophy and meditation aspects of yoga in the Himalayas and then in Rajasthan where I immersed myself in the 10 day vipassana meditation course, followed by studying Hatha yoga and Reiki with Dr. Yogi Vijay Rayal at an ashram in Pushkar, Rajasthan.
My yoga journey led me to Cambodia, where I was a main teacher at Angkor Zen retreat centre in Siem Reap, teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga and Meditation and pranayama classes. I am also very proud to have been a part of an amazing project called Banteay Srey in Kampot, Cambodia where I was teaching yoga, reflexology and anatomy ( I am an ITEC certified Reflexologist, practicing since 2010 ).
I taught private classes in the US, Ireland and India and then life led me to Nepal where I started teaching Yoga to kids and teachers of primary and secondary school in Melamchi Ghyang, a Himalayan village. Even though this was more of a coincidence, it has changed the course of my life as these kids were my catalyst and during this time I fully recognized that sharing my love and respect for yoga was the most natural thing for me to do.
In 2016 I came to Iceland and that's where I've been teaching since. I am based in two amazing studios, teaching along great teachers at Reykjavik Yoga and Yoga shala.
A long time ago I made a commitment to myself to be a student first, so since I've been teaching in Iceland I've travelled to India and Ireland to continue my studies with my teachers.
In 2017 I completed a 100 hrs Structural awareness technique with Adam Divine and Viriam Kaur in Goa, India and later on that year a Chakra healing course with Viriam in Cork, Ireland.
In summer 2017 I completed a Vinyasa yoga for youth Teacher Training with Ryan Leier and Lauren Scruton in Reykjavik, Iceland.
In February 2018 I graduated from an intensive Teacher training in Hatha Yoga in Maun Van ashram ( near Rishikesh, India ) with Dr. Yogi Vijay Rayal where I dove deep into the traditional aspects of Yoga, including the study and practice of Kriyas.
In March 2018 I assisted at a Structural awareness technique course in Goa, India.
I try to attend workshops while in Iceland and I am particulary grateful for the ones with Mark Robberds, Julie Martin, Ryan Leier and Dan Brulé for his breath work workshops.
When it comes to teaching, I truly believe anyone can practice yoga regardless of age, shape, strength, flexibility… I believe there are modifications for every pose and therefore every pose is accessible for every body. I also believe that we have all the tools we need inside of us and yoga helps us to see the inner teacher within every one of us and my role is to create a safe environment where everyone can learn how to use the tools at their own pace, without judgment and criticism.


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