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I 'stumbled' upon Yoga more for physical reasons as I couldn't move my but it became apparent to me right after the first class that Yoga was not only about putting my body into shapes, stretching muscles and making my neck better. Having had an athletic background I could feel there was a huge difference from stretching or movement and practicing yoga. something was different. And then my teacher said : ' Yoga is an ancient science, there is so much more to it ! '

I was practicing with great dedication at Himalaya Yoga valley centre in Cork, Ireland for two years and in 2014 I went to their centre in Goa, India and completed my first Teacher training course.

In 2015 I worked as a Yoga teacher in Cambodia and later that year life brought me to teach Yoga and meditation to kids of Primary and secondary school in a Himalayan village in Nepal. In 2016 I made Iceland my base and I have been teaching at Reykjavik Yoga and Yoga Shala from then on. If I am not in Iceland, I am most likely to be found in India where I return on a regular basis to keep studying with my teachers.

I've attended several different workshops in asana, breath work, Yogic philosophy and have done more teacher training courses since the first one in 2014 but my main focus in the past few years has been coming back to the concept of Yoga as a science, a coming back to what Yoga used to be before it came to the West. I feel it's my duty to share that knowledge and the tools of Yoga and I include Hatha Yoga classes to the schedule wherever I teach. On the other side of my own practice and teaching is the embodiment, the feeling within the body and more modern, "flowy" styles of Yoga. In my opinion, we need both - structure, foundations and body&breath awareness and then we can find playfulness in our practice.

On top of my Yogic studies, I have been studying regularly with Viriam Kaur and Adam Divine from Himalaya Yoga valley centre; they have been kindling the fire of my passion for body structure and emotional anatomy in their courses in Goa, India.

The subtle energy part of Yoga is very close to me as I have been interested in visualisation, meditation and chakras since I was 9 years only back then I didn't know it was also part of Yoga :)

I believe Yoga is accessible to everybody. I believe that my role is to create a safe environment where everyone can learn how to use the tools of Yoga at their own pace, without judgment and criticism. The magic happens when we embody our practice. I believe in the power of words and I choose my words carefully when guiding people into their inner space. Everything we need is already inside and it is a beautiful moment when you witness the discovery of the teacher you already have within you.

Before every class I make sure I know why I do what I do and what I want to share. The essence of Yoga can be found everywhere and apart from Yogic studies I take inspiration from philosophy, poetry, music, nature, quantum physics and my own experiences and observation of life.

I am very aware that everyone comes to Yoga for different reasons and whatever your reason, I can guarantee that you will benefit from the many practices within Yoga.


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