Klara Kvicerova

Czech Republic
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My passion is movement and enjoying it together with others. I believe that I was chosen by yoga, not the other way round. So, after a years-long discussion and objections, I surrounded to its calling and I enjoy sharing my journey with you.

I was a passionate gymnast, then excited teacher of gymnastics for children and later on I began to practice and teach yoga - mainly Vinyasa Flow. My body was my temple and I would believe I could make it stronger and flexible by physical training and that it would be all to it. Little I knew about the power of a thought.

Soon after The Ankylosing Spondylitis came to my life which is an auto-immune disease that inflates joints in the body and makes the movement painful and sometimes impossible. Thanks to this experience I began to spend my yoga practice in meditation and I noticed that when body looks staying still, it never really is and so is never my mind. I began to pay attention to my thoughts and how they immediately influence my body and well-being. Now I am pain-free, medicine-free and with a lot of joy and passion for sharing what I know with you.

My yoga practice and teaching grew into experimenting with attention to the interplay of our thoughts and our body and its movement. I am very glad you join me on the yoga mat to meet your inner self, embrace it and to trust it more and more. You are going in the right direction and you are able to walk further than you think.

On the visible level I focus on breath, smooth moves and playing with body limits, staying at the edge of them to feel what is inside and to see what is beyond. You decide if and when it is the right time for you to go on and reach beyond.

What is happening on the invisible level, then? Come and try for yourself with me on your side.

The life filled with light is always a possibility. I would like to invite you to turn our focus together to the feeling of joy. I am sure that is how divine-self settles in the temple.

If you got any questions or would like to co-work with me, please go ahead and get in touch.

At the moment, I am based in Prague, Czech republic and search for a studio. In the meantime I offer private classes and classes at your workplace.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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