Koreen Valdovinos

Minneapolis, MN
United States

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Heart Opening, Energetic and Meditative teacher. I hold on to the traditional philosophies of yoga while incorporating gentleness to highly athletic inversions, tribal dance, Buti Yoga, Vinyasa yoga AND gentle yoga slow flow.

I specialize in women's yoga: Hip opening, and goddessy yoga for women. (Buti Yoga, and Slow & Sexy Buti Yoga)

Yet, many of my classes are highly attended by men as I tap into their power in my vinyasa, and beginner classes.

Every class is different as I am trained in many styles. (Buti Yoga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, the Bikrim Sequence, Vinyasa, Yin and Meditation techniques, Thai Massage, Energy Work, ). I teach Dark Yoga too. I am a creature of light, but we too must know our dark side (using dark and heavy music in a dark room).

Currently devolving a new Aerial Yoga class, VenusFly Yoga in Minneapolis.

My students come first. The one thing I can promise is you will leave my classes feeling open and empowered, and hopefully ready to take on life's biggest challenges.

Root down, Spiral up, Move your hips, Heal, Breath, Power up, Build heat, Build love. Start with yourself. Your mind is your temple. Your mind and body are one.

Koreen Valdovinos, Yogini, teacher, student, Life Artist, Sensual Shaman, Founder and Co-owner of Open Minds Fusion Studio, Uptown Minneapolis.

Open Minds- Everything Wild Fierce and

Where you can get your yoga on, learn aerial and hold yoga parties for any occasion--- Bachorette Parties or Birthdays, more.


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